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Dear Bach-connoisseurs and enthusiasts

Inspired by the sanguine aura of the young “Weimarian” Bach, “Bach in Weimar” e.V. brought BACH BIENNALE WEIMAR into being in 2008. It was high time for Weimar’s own Bach festival since the next Bach anniversary is due in 2010 and it’s a joint one:

We are celebrating the birth of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach 300 years ago and that of Johann Sebastian Bach 325 years ago.

A “family reunion” – at the Bachs’!
Once again, Nikolaus Harnoncourt is acting as the festival’s patron

Alongside the father’s music, the oeuvre of Bach’s oldest, brilliantly talented son Wilhelm Friedemann is at the centre of this year’s BACH BIENNALE WEIMAR. Bach’s oldest son – that Papà only called “Friede” – learnt much from his father. And then he went his very own, uncompromising way as an artist. Ahead of his time in many ways, Wilhelm Friedemann wrote “Zukunftsmusik” (Music of the Future), hinting at Mozart, Schubert, Chopin – and yet, at the same time, he was a child of his epoch.
On his 300th birthday it is time we acknowledged this master of composition: this life-affirming music in its melancholy, virtuosity, spontaneity, audacity and passion is unmistakably typical for only one: Wilhelm Friedemann Bach! But listen and discover for yourselves…

Authentic Bach – “original instruments at original locations”: played exclusively on period instruments, the second BACH BIENNALE WEIMAR also brings the tonally- sensual experience of the passionate musical language of the 18th century to the fore.

Appealing and demanding aren’t opposites: with top-class artists and ensembles, solo, chamber, and orchestra music,  informative talks, city tours, birthday party for “Friede” and culinary  delights from the Baroque era at authentic Bach-locations, the BACH BIENNALE WEIMAR spans a rich and gripping century of music history.

After the unmistakable declaration of love to J.S. Bach, and his “rehabilitation” in Weimar in 2008, this year’s BACH BIENNALE WEIMAR 2010 aims also at erecting a musical monument for his eldest son, who remained in the shadow of the uber-father throughout his life. With a worthy appreciation of his music, BACH BIENNALE says “Happy Birthday, Friede!”

We welcome you to the “family birthday” in Weimar