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Sunday 4 July
6.00 p.m.


Bach the Contemporary
Opening concert + Vernissage of the Exhibition “Chromatik der Fuge“

Grentzsches Treppenhaus of the Residenzschloss
Johann Sebastian Bach/ works for solo lute
Joachim Held/ Baroque Lute (ECHO Klassik-Prize 2006), pictures by Axel Eckert

The opening night at the Bach-festival:
“Modern” to date: Bach’s tone language in symbiotic-critical comparison with contemporary abstract painting. The painter Axel Eckert was master student and assistant to Sean Scully. Joachim Held is considered to be one of the most internationally renowned lutists.

Admission: seats with a front view of the stage 22€/ conc. 19€
Free choice of seats 20€/ conc. 17€

In co-operation with Klassik Stiftung Weimar/ supported by ILM-Pack GmbH



Tuesday 6 July
Wednesday 7 July
Thursday 8 July
12.30 pm - 1.00 pm, respectively


Jeunesse Festival
3 Lunchtime concerts


Grentzsches Treppenhaus of the Residenzschloss
Soloworks for harpsichord and baroque violin by Johann Sebastian Bach
Students of the department for Early Music at the Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar

Inspired by the successful London model: Bach + image + repast = the ideal lunch break in the castle court yard, possible before or after the concert. Catering provided.

Contribution towards expenses: (concert excluding food) 3€, Ticket sales: box-office only.



Friday 9 July

8.00 pm


Opening concert


 Stadtkirche (church) St. Peter und Paul (baptistery of all Bach-children)
“Three Weimarian Jewels”
Chamber music by the Bach family/works by Johann Sebastian, Wilhelm Friedemann and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Musica ad hoc/Marion Moonen, Doretthe Janssens – Traverso, Job ter Haar – ‘Cello, Vincent van Laar – Harpsichord

Undiluted: the “Three-Bach-City Weimar”
The chamber music of Johann Sebastian Bach and his Weimarian sons showcases transparently (family) relationships versus individuality as well as breaks in composition style between the generations of a family of musicians and within the 18th century.

Admission: nave: 25€/ conc. 22€; side aisle 20€/ conc. 17€; children up to the age of 14 9€

Supported by Sparkassenstiftung Weimar-Weimarer Land



Friday 9 July

11.00 pm


Bach, the Contemporary


Concert at night “Reflections” in the rooms of the exhibition “Chromatik der Fuge“
Grentzsches Treppenhaus of the Residenzschloss
Works by Johann Sebastian Bach/ Antonio Vivaldi/ Fulvio Caldini
Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet
Reflections “Music and Image” Dr Tassilo Eichberger

The much conjured-up connection between music and image is critically questioned – and reanimated. At the centre: music by Johann Sebastian Bach – contemporary music – contemporary art – classical structures… for you to listen to and see! A reference also to famous Weimarian Bauhaus-artists and Bach-admirers such as Paul Klee, Lyonel Feininger and others. For 30 years, the “Loekis” have been the undisputed number 1 recorder ensemble worldwide. “If there is a better recorder ensemble…I have yet to hear it.” (Grammophone)

Admission: seats with a front view of the stage 23€/ conc. 20€
Free choice of seats 20€/conc. 17€



Saturday 10 July

10.00 am


Fingerabdruck – fingerprint: Life and work of the Bach-family in Weimar


A guided city tour (with consolidating background information) with musical contributions Rendezvous: Satdtkirche St. Peter and Paul, duration: around 2hrs
Guide: Bernd Mende/ Music: students of the department for Early Music at the Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar

Deacon Heinrich Herbst offers insight into Wilhelm Friedemann Bach’s original baptismal records as well as baptismal practice at Bach’s time/// The Bücherkubus of the Studienzentrum at the Anna-Amalia Library Weimar – Prof Dr Helen Geyer will talk about “Bach and his students”/// Grand Hotel “Russischer Hof” – Prof Dr Walter Salmen will talk about “Bach in Weimar: Servant to three Masters”/// authentic Bach: baptistery and baptismal font of the Bach-family; The places where Bach came and went, composed, taught and lived – to be found in Weimar only.

Admission: city tour 15€/conc. 11€ including punch

Supported by: Stadtwerke Weimar



Saturday 10 July

Circa 12.30 pm


“Bach-feast” at the Grand Hotel “Russischer Hof”


A set meal cooked from original Bach- time- recipes, accompanied by musical entertainment

Prices: city tour including “Bach-feast”: 42€/conc. 37€ (punch, an elaborate buffet with food as Bach would have eaten it, including a free beer but excluding other drinks) / bookings and advance transfers until 2 July 2010 at the Grand Hotel “Russischer Hof”, Tel. 0049 (0)3643 774804, „Bach-Schmaus“, account number: 036 27 64 54 00 (Grand Hotel Russischer Hof) Commerzbank AG, sort code 700 800 00.

Supported by: Ehringsdorfer Brauerei



Saturday 10 July

2.30 pm


Bach the contemporary
“Reflections” concert


A repeat of the concert at night, see Friday 9 July 2010, 23.00

Supported by: Clondiag



Saturday 10 July

5.00 pm


Informative Talk/Wittumspalais
“Sapere Aude!” The Age of Enlightenment


Name of the speaker to be confirmed nearer the time/ more information on

“Have the courage to use your own reason!“ (Immanuel Kant)
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach was a child of this epoch of new reasoning

Admission: 7€/conc. 5€



Saturday 10 July

5.00 pm


Afternoon in Arnstadt/ concert in the Bach-church Arnstadt
“Cantus and Organ – Chorale and Adaptation”


Bernhard Klapprott – Organ, Cantus Thuringia

Chorale adaptations from Johann Sebastian and Wilhelm Friedemann Bach’s “Orgelbüchlein” in dialogue with the sung chorales of the same name. Albert Schweitzer called the “Orgelbüchlein”, that was written in Weimar, “the dictionary of Bach’s tonal language“. The links between voice-organ, original-“adaptation”, father- son are at the centre of this event.

Admission: 12€/conc. 10€/ children up to 14 5€

In co-operation with the Thüringer Orgelsommer





Saturday 10 July

Circa 7.30 pm


Harpsichord solo recital
Works by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach


Mikhail Yarzhembovskiy-Harpsichord

This concert captures another facet of the genius keyboard virtuoso Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. Excerpts from his harpsichord oeuvre. Mikhail Yarzhembovskiy is the winner of many prizes and co-founder of the ensemble Wooden Voices.


Saturday 10 July

10.00 pm


Celebration: “Happy Birthday, Friede!”


We will celebrate Wilhelm Friedemann Bach’s 300th birthday – celebrate with us!/ Near Wilhelm Friedemann’s place of birth – courtyard of the Studienzentrum of the Anna-Amalia Library

“Friede”’s birthday – review and preview: what’s going on with Wilhelm Friedemann’s birthplace? Where did the Bach-family live? Who are the birthday child’s god parents today? And at which location in Weimar could “die Bäche” - the Bachs settle again today? These are the cultural capital’s current questions, and we try to answer them here: an entertaining but sincere capriccio with musical and other surprises... and a 300-slice birthday cake.

Free admission

In co-operation with the city of Weimar / supported by Grand Hotel “Russischer Hof”, Kulturdirektion of the city of Weimar and Ehringsdorfer Brauerei



Sunday 11 July

9.30 am


Festival service on the 6th Sunday after Trinity


Stadtkirche St Peter and Paul
Works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Handel, Georg Philipp Telemann
Students of the department for Early Music at the Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar

Free admission



Sunday 11 July

11.30 am


A dialogue with Bach
Matinée – “Wilhelm Friedemann Bach – The first Romantic?”


Festsaal des Stadtschlosses
Works for fortepiano by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Fredéric Chopin, Johannes Brahms, Franz Xaver Mozart, and others. A musical and verbal comparison
Wolfgang Brunner, Hardy Rittner (ECHO Klassik Preis 2009), fortepiano
Instruments: Julius Blüthner 1864 (Beetz collection in Weimar), as well as a copy from Anton Walter, 1790

A tribute to Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, the virtuoso on the keyboard and pioneer of piano music who played an important part in the development of the genre of piano concertos. His daring polonaises already give a sense of the – still distant – Romantic period. But listen up: the title question may be negated during the concert.

Admission 23€/ conc. 20€


Sunday 11 July

3.00 pm


Jeunesse Festival


Festsaal Fürstenhaus der Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar
Works by Johann Sebastian and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Students of the Academy of Music, Krakow

Together with Johann Sebastian Bach, his “other” Weimarian son, Carl Philipp Emanuel, is the focus here. Venerated during his life time, he was “the famous Bach”, posthumously outranking even his father. Other than his big brother Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philipp Emanuel lived a charmed life and most things he touched led him to success. He was highly esteemed by Joseph Haydn. Does that make Weimar the cradle of Viennese Classicism? A preview to the next Bach anniversary in Weimar in 2014: the 300th birthday of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach…

Admission 12€/ conc. 9€/ children under the age of 14 6€

In cooperation with the Academy of Music, Krakow and the Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar/ supported by Dieter Hackmann


Sunday 11 July

5.00 pm


Closing concerT
“Overture, symphonia & concerto”
L’arte del Mondo


Saal des Musikgymnasiums Belvedere
Orchestral works and concertos with soloists by “Bach & son” / Johann Sebastian Bach – orchestral suite No 2 in b minor, BWV 1043 for two violins and orchestra, concerto in a minor for harpsichord & strings, symphonia in d minor by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

Werner Erhardt- conductor and solo violin, Andrea Keller – solo violin, Maria Goldschmidt – traverse, Luca Quintavalle – harpsichord

At the end of the festival, the musicians of l’arte del mondo, the internationally renowned baroque orchestra founded in 2004, will play festive virtuoso music from the 18th century – a century of groundbreaking changes in musical style and of political restructuring in Europe

Admission 28€/ conc. 23€/ children under the age of 14 9€

Supported by: Bayer Kultur and Schering GmbH und Co. Produktions KG


Sunday 11 July

6.30 pm


Final reception


The exterior of Musikgymnasium Belvedere (the foyer if the weather is bad)

A relaxed conclusion to our festival: culinary delights and drinks will be served outside. Directed at all friends and sponsors of the young, “Weimarian Bach”.

Prices: concert including reception: 37€/conc. 29€

Supported by Ehringsdorfer Brauerei